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A six-point lifestyle checklist for your skin

A six-point lifestyle checklist for your skin

Skincare doesn't just stay in the bathroom. From where you work to where you live, Life in General can have a huge impact, and understanding how can empower us all to make the most of the skin we're in.


Our diet is our body's fuel – it's all it has to run on. And this goes for our skin just as much as any organ. For example, did you know that sugar causes inflammation? It produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, leaving skin with lines and wrinkles. So not fun (except when you're eating it). The best thing to do is keep skin-boosting snacks close at hand, so you're less likely to hit the vending machine. Think high-fat nuts and seeds, dark leafy greens and antioxidant-rich berries. And if you know there's chocolate on the horizon – Easter, we're looking at you – make sure you have the products to help your skin along.


Oh, the feeling of bounding out of bed at 5am for a Box Fit class. Ok, so we might not be that enthusiastic about it in real life, but exercise does all manner of great things for your skin. From upping your blood flow for that flushed look, to delivering vital nutrients where they're needed, it's a sure-fire way to look as good as you feel. Just be sure to take off your make-up first, and cleanse that sweat away straight after.

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Imagine sending your skin to a weekend retreat. That's what sleep is like. While you're slumbering, your skin is hard at work, renewing and rejuvenating.

So when there aren't enough hours in the day, your skin suffers. Your immune system will struggle to protect your skin from bacteria, leaving you more prone to blemishes and wrinkles. They say eight hours a night is enough to keep your body in good working order, and you can help your skin along by using a nourishing overnight mask.


If you've ever scrimped on your skincare time, you'll know – it's all about routine, routine, routine. Knowing your skin type and discovering the right products for it is the best way to fortify yourself against everything life can throw at you. Begin in the morning with your cleanser, toner, serum and day cream, then remember to remove your make-up and cleanse again before bed, using your toner and night cream this time around. Depending on your skin type, it's best not to over-exfoliate – around twice a week should do it – and we love a mask once or twice a week, too. If you can keep a regular routine, your skin will thank you for it by looking its happiest.


Notice how you seem to have a better complexion on holiday? That's because leaving the city makes your skin really happy.

From car fumes to microscopic dirt and other pollutants, our air isn't always doing our skin a favour. And even indoors we're working with central heating or air-con. It's a great idea to cleanse when you come in from the city, to remove the day's dirt and grime, and protect yourself with a nourishing serum and day cream before you leave in the morning.


We've all been in stressful situations, and know what it feels like. Well, our skin is right there with us. That irritable feeling triggers our body to release the stress hormone cortisol, and if that sticks around we go into survival mode. This means our immune system gets suppressed and our blood sugar is increased, leading to skin conditions like acne. Oh, and the fatigue you feel after stress goes away? It can leave you with tired skin and wrinkles. Take the time to stop once in a while. Breathe, meditate, go for long walks – however you do it, de-stressing can really save your skin.

Go Clean. Feel REN.

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